//Hey, everyone, I know I said I’d be back this week, but give me a little more time. Sudden family stresses came up and my great-grandmother passed away this afternoon. I won’t be definitely around until next Tuesday, so maybe after that, I’ll be active again.


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brokentineoidea whispered:
// Welcome back! <3 *glomps*


//Thank you! -snuggles- <3

I just had a hard semester with college and had to focus away from a couple of blogs, but Neji-mun is back and almost ready for action!


//Anyway! Hello, everyone, I am back! Going to be changing some stuff up around here and threads will be open soon!

And yes, canon Neji is returning! Modern!AU Neji is here, but we’re bringing back that lovely jounin, as well!

catcaste whispered:
You are aware there is a massive difference between anthro art/furries and bestiality right? I am not into having sex with animals just because I think that furries are pretty. Also like, good one saying something completely random like that to try and get out of trouble and then blogging about Esu for a straight month. You need psychiatric help.



You’re aware that you’re all full of shit, and no one trusts you anymore. You’re fucked. It’s done. My followers know. My friend’s followers know. Their friends followers know. So that’s roughly about 900 people. Thousands if you count some who of my buddies who have more than 900 followers. Even if they just take a glance, they will remember it. Esu fucked herself. Please, kindly shutup. You’re just scared. Thanks for letting me know I’m a threat to you.

You dumb shit. I’m not even talking about you. Look what you’re doing. You’re panicing. I’m talking about Esu. Go freak out elsewhere. I aint putting up with you.

//Alright, phew, didn’t want this to be the post that brought me out of rp retirement, but wow I really hope this isn’t what the Naruto community has turned into since I left. If you really want to spread some stuff to followers, then let this response to you go to my 700+ followers, as well.

You made this post about him as soon as you took a screenshot of his blog and claimed he was into bestiality to call Esu a hypocrite. I’m sorry, but you truly do not seem to understand that making or liking furry art, even nsfw furry art, does not mean that someone would like to meander up to the nearest cow and give it some business which is exactly what you stated that Etch was into because he has furry art on his blog. Are you telling me that all of the furry community is into bestiality?

You’re calling someone a “dumb shit” and scared for telling you not make claims against them.  You’re saying someone has fucked themselves for calling you out on problematic behavior and for that, you’ve been constantly posting about them in random moments that make absolute no sense. What is your goal? To appear childish? Because A+ job, tagging someone consistently in random angry posts on your blog is just ridiculous. Be angry if you want, but keep it to yourself.

Stop saying someone is freaking out and being dumb because they’ve come to correct you and mentions that you can not say you’ve been perfect because there is proof on you.

I never saw a call out post on you, but I personally can say that I don’t think I will ever quite be able to rp with you based on what I’ve seen of today alone.

//-fades in from shadows-


-fades back into shadows-



Faerieli/Daemutt has been consistently threatening violence against a number of their old friends. They doxxed a trans person and put their lives at risk as well as the lives of their family. If everyone who reads this post can report both their accounts to abuse@tumblr.com and link this them post. This is a serious issue and needs to be addressed, please signal boost this post.

This user also has a long history of threatening and advocating violence against trans people specifically trans men. 

Do not try and contact them, simply send a message directly to Tumblr. If you need help with this process, feel free to send me an ask here







//Hey, friends, I know I’m not around much anymore like AT ALL but this is important and there’s lots of followers here, so signal boost and email, please?

I’ll be back around at some point, Neji is just being spotty, I promise!

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卍–––These are the people that I absolutely adore. Either I’ve RPed with you many times or I speak with you constantly out of character or I admire from afar. None of the names are in order simply because I’m too lazy to do all that.

                          Art Source: (x]

卍 smallcherryblossomofkonoha || kunaihime || kirakuna-kage || forgotten-redhead || tenten-sensei || theflowerino || etherealsnow || asumas-gaiden || stitchingwithshadows || thelittlehyugaprodigy || thelegendaryfourth || murasakiirohana || masukunin || nejis-naughty-no-nos || unforgettable-eyes || jashiiin || thegentleheiress || desertgourd || fuzzybrowss || wildbushclover || southernsassafrastea || immortal-snake-god-orochimaru || indigocosmos || raposaselada || yondaimeflash || irukas 卍

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BEAUTIFUL PERSON AWARD! Once you are given this award, you are supposed to paste it in the ask of 8 people who deserve it. If you break the chain, nothing will happen, but it’s sweet to know someone thinks you’re beautiful inside and out ♥

//I give you all the hugs and loves thank you, you are so nice ;A;

//-randomly appears to give you all the best Munday picture I’ve ever taken-

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